Welcome to the studio at Amie,



The Amie Studio is a natural daylight space situated next to the Amie Shop. The studio is available for professional photographers and local brands to execute creative content on a blank canvas. The minimal space is modular and easily adaptable to any simple creative still or video project. Meredith, Founder/Photographer & Creative Director of Amie, is an activist for artists. Her vision is to offer a place artists can accomplish client, creative, and personal projects in the city of Portland, Maine.


props & equip


2 4'x8' plywood tabletops
4 black sawhorses
2 4'x8' matte white and black fill cards
small white fill cards
2 c-stands for full-size seamless backdrop
hand held steamer
fan (if needed)
2 vintage woven-wicker chairs with chrome legs
1 white eames chair
3-ft ladder
clothing rack with hangers
elevator access
clothing rack with wooden hangers


natural daylight


The studio has two large, North-facing windows that allow for great natural light daily, whether it's sunny or overcast. Daylight hours change depending on time of year.

When you arrive


The door at street level is open and closes at 6pm. The studio is located up 1 flight, elevator to the left, stairs to the right. When you arrive at Suite 220, the door will locked. A code for key box will be provided upon booking. While you rent, you and your team/clients are the only ones in the space with privacy to create and work. Up to 4 allowed in the studio at any time. Please keep the door locked at all times and place the key back in the box upon departure.