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"Making a career out of your passion shouldn’t be the end goal. Keep doing what fulfills you artistically and allows you to grow. I’d love to meet the other artists in the Amie community- so much talent and beauty."

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"The artistic community in Richmond is amazing and growing. Many of my friends in the city are also designers, makers, and or business owners. We support one another emotionally, share tips, collaborate on products and events."

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Boketto Richmond, VA

This November, WE traveled to Richmond, VA to meet one of our Amie artists and creative muses. we found Caroline’s brand Giantlion online this past summer and were smitten with her branding, content, and designs. Giantlion creates a harmonious balance of strength, subtlty, and simplicity. Her designs are strong, her personality is sweet. She sent us handwritten notes when we launched Amie in September and has quickly become one of our beloved artists and a true amie.

Caroline Whittington Young is the maker behind the brand. Caroline is an honest, passionate, dreamer, with a bright smile. She's a renaissance woman who is fluent in multiple artistic media including painting, ceramics, and jewelry design. Although painting was her first love, Caroline studied the art of jewelry design.  The name Giantlion emerged organically through a brainstorming session with a fellow girlfriend (amie). The name Giantlion doesn't have a concrete meaning, but seemed to be fitting none the less.

Caroline shared that running a small business has its challenges including a 7 day work week and wearing multiple hats. She describes a typical day, "I'm a mom to a wild child daughter first and foremost. Each day varies from juggling playdates to tackling e-mails, delegating jewelry production, packing orders, designing, keeping my home in order, and attempting to cook a decent meal. My favorite ritual is getting my 2-year-old ready for the day and my first sip of coffee." Finding the balance is tough, but she manages by scheduling her week on Sundays and allows time for a little flexibility. This routine allows her to stay positively productive.

Caroline is inspired by people and nature, which influences her Giantlion collection and shapes her brand identity. She turns her inspirations and ideas into sketches and then prototypes in base materials. Her team helps support her in the making of her jewelry, while Caroline focuses on all the other aspects of running a business including artistic design, sourcing materials, assembly, client relations, online marketing, emailing, prototypes, production, shipping and so much more. Although she is pleased with all her pieces, Caroline's favorites are her Droplet Necklaces, which we love and carry on Amie.