Olivia Joyce Beginner Modern Calligraphy
12:00 PM12:00

Olivia Joyce Beginner Modern Calligraphy



Tickets $70

Portland artist Olivia Joyce Oh Joy Calligraphy is teaching her tips and techniques for the perfect calligraphy lettering. Learn how to use calligraphy tools, figuring out the various pressures with the pens, nibs, and work through drills. Create breathtaking designs. Leave with a foundation for calligraphy creative projects. Materials, refreshments, and an adult punch bowl provided, cheers!

Materials Included

  • 1 Straight Pen Holder

  • 2 Nibs: Zebra Comic G and Hunt56

  • 1 Pot of Sumi black ink

  • Alphabet Guides

  • Dinky Dibs

  • Vellum Paper and Practice Paper

About Olivia

I'm so happy that you are here! I am a stationery designer and calligrapher based in the beautiful state of Maine! I have been doing calligraphy for over 5 years. It started as a hobby in the beginning, and a way to express myself creatively, but it soon became the best way I have found to express myself artistically. I have been in the art world since graduating from college, taking continuing education courses at the Rhode island School of Design in photography, graphic design, and calligraphy. What started as a way to fill my nights after moving to a new state, ended up becoming my passion. 

I am a New Englander by birth and by choice. I have been married for 7 years and am the mother to the sweetest, craziest little boy. I have yet to meet a 19th century British female author who hasn't inspired me, I think Italy is the most magical place in the world, and I cry every time I listen to the finale of Les Miserables (Seriously. Ev.e.ry time). I watch too many documentaries, can sometimes be crippled by anxiety, and allow what other people think to affect me too deeply. I feel so fortunate that I get to live a life I love surrounded by the most supportive, wonderful family and friends (I'm really not just saying that). Lastly, I think there's not much that can't be solved with wine, great conversation, great friends, and a high quality cheese plate.

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Workshop Duration: 2 Hours

Class Max - 12 Students


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Abby Mechanic Spoon Carving Class
12:00 PM12:00

Abby Mechanic Spoon Carving Class

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 4.23.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 4.23.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 4.23.35 PM.png



Tickets $98


Saturday. November 17th from 12pm - 4pm



142 High St. STE 220

Portland, ME

Class duration:

4 hours

Class is limited to 12 students

Class Kit:

Wooden block



Mineral Oil

Safety Glasses

Dust Mask

(Tools sold separately)


The most obvious trait of wood as a material is its linear structure. When we begin to manipulate this structure that's when the real fun begins! In this class students will have the opportunity to create curves, volumes, and 3-dimensional forms out of wood while creating a one of a kind spoon or creative object.

The first portion of this class will revolve around design and development of an object. We will discuss how to plan, mark, and prep material for shaping. We will begin on the bandsaw learning how to properly cut a curved form out of a solid block of wood. After finding that form, we will explore various shaping techniques with the use of hand tools. After sanding and sealing students will leave with a finished product to be proud of.


Abby Mechanic received her BFA from the Maine College of Art with a concentration in Woodworking and Furniture Design. Upon graduating she has spent time working in various design studios such as Luur Design, Nate Berkus, and Matter Practice. In 2015, Mechanic began working at Parsons as a Technician in their woodworking facility. Since then she has assisted in the 2015 New School Architecture Design/Build, and has most recently been appointed the position of Manager of the Making Center at Parsons. Abby is now working closely with upper management to implement administrative support for staff hiring, scheduling, and committee work. She works with Directors as well as Management to align Making Center objectives across all shops, labs, and facilities, by creating systems and support. Outside of Parsons, Mechanic currently leads spoon carving workshops across the country in co-op shops such as Fort Houston in Nashville, TN and Craftsman Ave in Brooklyn, NY.

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10:00 AM10:00

Mandy Lancia 'Talking in Circles'

erinhannumphotography-theglossarycodetroit-23 (1).jpg
Detroit panel by @erinhannumphotography

Detroit panel by @erinhannumphotography

Workshop: A group discussion on brand identity

Tickets $30

We’re collaborating with Mandy Lancia, Founder of The Glossary, a community dedicated to creative women based in Chicago. TIC will be a small group gathering of women in the new Amie Shop. We will spend the morning having an open conversation about brand identity.

To begin the morning, Meredith of Amie, Mandy of The Glossary, and a few guest speakers will lead us in a discussion on various aspects of brand identity including visual content creation through photo strategies and branding, social media management, and community building through online and in person communication. 

Our discussion will then open up to the group where we can all chat about our personal experiences and struggles with brand identity, while sharing insight and resources. Sip Tandem Coffee and snack Holy Donuts!  

About Mandy

Based in Chicago, Mandy has combined her love of small business, female creatives, design, and collaboration to form The Glossary. Her hope is that The Glossary will grow into a platform where every creative woman can come to learn something new, find inspiration, discover other women and their creative endeavors, and ultimately, make new relationships through online communication and in-person meetings. 

Having grown up with a single mother who owned her own shop, Mandy's passion and desire for independent businesses started at a young age. While attending school in Boston, her interests grew to include photography, design, and marketing, which she implemented in helping small businesses grow. Now in Chicago, Mandy works as a freelance creative, photographing lookbooks, products, and portraits for local shops and devising social media marketing plans to aid in the exposure and branding of creative businesses. 

The Glossary

Our mission is to support and showcase creative women. The Glossary is a collective of talented women, a platform to share stories and experiences, a network to meet new people, and a collaborative center that brings women together through online connections and in-person events. Taking after the term glossary, we created this platform to be a space where any creative woman can come and find inspiration, advice, friendship, or collaborative relationships through browsing our archive of business owners, makers, bloggers, photographers, designers, etc. 

We believe that relationships can be formed both on and offline. Here at The Glossary, we want to bridge the gap between the two. We host a series of events, workshops, panels, and retreats around the country in order to bring women of all backgrounds together to meet, learn, and share. 

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Workshop Duration: 2 Hours

Class Max - 20 Students


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