Meet potter, gal pal, and boss babe Kristen Camp. Kristen is the Founder and Design Director of Campfire Studio; a contemporary ceramic and floral studio located in a historic brick mill building in Westbrook, ME. Originally a Georgia native, Kristen and her husband have crafted a new life in Maine and have become widely known for their unique product assortment, high-end housewares, one-of-a-kind Raku designs, and sweet Southern charm.

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I personally love the mornings where I get to skip over answering emails, just make my coffee and jump right into throwing with some Ben Howard playing. Just me, my wheel with music and coffee.
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Coffee. Work. Coffee. Repeat.


What’s the meaning of Campfire Studio?

We chose the name Campfire Studio for a few reasons, first and foremost our last name is Camp. We also love the connection between campfires and storytelling. We feel that pottery tells stories in the same way. The story of the maker, the people who own these pieces, and the culture they’re a part of.


When was CS born?

May 2015 we received our first large order from a local Flower Farm. We made pitcher vases for the farms Mother’s Day bouquets. This gave us the seed money to build our Farmer’s Market booth, where we first started selling our work.


When did you know you wanted to be a ceramicist?

In my sophomore year of college I took a ceramics class and fell in love with it.  


What inspires you most about the medium?

I love that clay has endless possibilities. 


What are the most challenging parts of being an entrepreneur?

Wearing all the hats. At least in the beginning, you’re required to run all the different aspects of your business, including things that may not be in your wheel house.


Describe yourself in 3 words!

Ambitious, Creative, Silly


What artist(s) or mediums inspire you?

Lucie Rie is one of my favorites potters.


How do you balance work and life?

Good question. I still haven’t quite mastered this. I feel like the key is to set boundaries and give yourself grace. It’s not always cut and dry where to draw the line between work and play.


Where’s your favorite place you’ve traveled and why?

Venice. Joe and I had the privilege of getting to visit Italy last year. Despite the mass of tourists there is something magical about the streets of Venice with its elaborate architecture and water filled canals.


What’s your fav current design? Design you made for Amie?

We love the minimal Raku cone vases.


What are your hopes for the Amie Community of makers?

I’m excited to have the chance to meet and connect with the other makers in the Amie Community.