Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.
— Leo Babauta
Since we launched Amie in September, it’s been full-speed ahead. This year we are concentrating on creating community and deepening our connection. We will continue to carry meaningful designs, handmade by women makers. We believe being transparent allows our imperfections and flaws to show and being vulnerable has more value than having it all together. We will be taking a road trip in our 1999 Volvo, with over 260,000 miles under her belt, across the country to connect with our Amie artisans, meet new makers, and capture their profound stories to share with you. Our makers motivate us- giving us the momentum to fight for this movement of less is always more. We will continue to donate 5% of sales each month to non-profits and share the results with you on our social platforms. Merci!
— Meredith Brockington / Founder + CEO