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ritual BOX

inspired by our travels to JOSHUA TREE. a MYSTERIOUS, MINDFUL place that calms and energizes the artistic soul.

  • sandstone / white glaze ceramic incense holder, honoring sand and sky

  • nomad ayurveda perfume oil with lavender to calm and center

  • Fir + sage coconut wax candle burns like the desert sun

  • Moon stained glass ornament in white marble for creativity and wisdom



you are strong and brave. rustic and refined. bright as amber filled with energy and confidence. rise and shine.

  • hand stitched leather clutch / wallet in cognac. gets better with age

  • amber tortoise shell hoops because you can

  • woods soy candle inspired by the forests of new england

  • triangle stained glass ornament in amber marble for positive energy

Amie Accessories.jpg

“focus on your art more and what other people are doing less.”


-kristi frank