Textured Incense Holder

Textured Incense Holder


Featured on Aleksandra Zee’s IG, our Textured Incense Holder is our first product Amie x Campfire Studio collab. A modern design for a 70s classic featuring a sandstone base and bright white glossy glaze. Incense balances perfectly in the center of the circular dish.

Pair with our Sacred Incense for the perfect gift set.

Campfire Studio


  • Made in Maine

  • Allow for slight variation in size and glaze amount


  • Brown stoneware

  • Colonial White Glaze


  • 4.25" L x 4.25" W x 1.5" H


Burn on non-flammable surface for safety and to avoid fires, hazards, or smoke damage. Ash can sometimes land outside of holder. Do not burn incense unattended or out of site. Keep away from pets and children. Dishwasher safe. Handle with care. 

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